Slack Introduces New Features to Make a Team Work Better

  • 02-02-2021 |
  • Polad Aladi

Slack was created to make communication for teams easier and faster. In the past year, Slack has introduced new features to help teams collaborate.

The new features that Slack has introduced are:

  • Slackbot questions;
  • Threaded DMs;
  • Private Groups;
  • Integrated Calendar.

Slackbot is a computer program that interacts with users in a human-like conversation. Slackbot will answer general questions about Slack and can be used to search for documents and work on tasks. A user can type “/slackbot who is online?” and the Slackbot will return a list of team members.

Threaded DMs is a new feature that allows one-on-one chats to be threaded together like a conversation. This is helpful when you want to have a back-and-forth conversation without it getting lost in the general chat. Threaded DMs are available to users who have a business or enterprise plan.

Private Groups allow teams to create a group for a specific project and invite only the people they want to be in the group. This can be helpful for teams that work on specific projects and need to stay organized.

Integrated Calendar is a new feature that was recently added to Slack. Users can attach a calendar to their Slack team and have it automatically update with new and upcoming events. This is helpful for teams that have an upcoming event that they need to share with the team.

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